About Us

Welcome to the Crown Dental Plan Marketplace.

In 1988, Dr. Mark K. Meadows founded Crown Dental Plan in the state of Arizona and over thirty years later, the Company has expanded into multiple states within the United States.

Crown Dental Plan is focused on gaining greater market share in Arizona and the Southwest Region, while continuing to reach across the continent with the goal to become a nationwide network by 2025.

The Company

Crown Dental Plan provides affordable dental health care plans to individuals, businesses, and associations, and represents the best modern alternative to traditional individual and employer dental health insurance. In fact, Dental Plans have become the gold standard in providing comprehensive dental health care coverage for businesses and families alike.

Mission Statement

Crown Dental Plan’s mission is to provide greater access to affordable, quality, comprehensive, dental health care through our Membership plans, which offer dental services at reduced rates, making it possible for more people to improve overall health and wellness through procedures that correct, improve, and maintain oral hygiene.

Why Choose Crown Dental Plan?

Quality dentists, affordable prices, comprehensive dental health care coverage for all. With Crown Dental Plan membership, patients can receive the dental work they need when price is no longer prohibitive.

How does the Plan work?

Crown Dental Plan selects preferred Dental Providers that want to provide high quality dental services to patients, and simultaneously compete for your business in this Marketplace by offering attractive fees for dental services.

Crown Dental Plan charges low annual membership fees per plan type, and members are able to receive reduced rates on all Dentists and Specialists procedures. Crown Dental Plan members save up to sixty percent (60%) off the Usual Customary Rate (UCR) that dentists typically charge per procedure. Enrollment covers member’s preferred General Dentist, and Crown Members can also contact dental Specialists in our Provider network and save twenty percent (20%) off the Specialist UCR.

Unlike traditional dental insurance, Crown Dental Membership has no premiums, no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no pre-existing condition exclusions. Unlimited annual office visits and unlimited annual discount benefits, make Crown Dental Plan the consumer’s choice for quality dentistry at affordable prices.

Why choose Crown Dental Plan over a dentist’s in-house plan or special?

Another benefit of membership in Crown Dental Plan is choice. We want our customers to have a choice and not to be stuck with gimmicks that many dental offices offer through their in-house plan. For example, if you want to change your dentist or you move away, you lose your benefits. With Crown Dental Plan, you can visit any of our Provider Dentists and Specialists and retain your annual Membership benefits no matter which Provider you choose.

With Crown Dental Plan, you can also understand the costs involved before you visit the dentist. Customers can go to the Crown Dental Plan website and locate the actual fee per procedure, which is unlike other dental plans that make you enroll first to find out benefits, and other in-house plans that offer discounts on artificially high cost procedures that dentist’s arbitrarily set. Crown Dental Plan believes in full disclosure: know the cost upfront, budget accordingly.

Also, most dental offices offer “Care Credit®” which allows you to finance your dental work, and over a period of time pay interest free payments. At most dental offices, Crown Members can also finance dental work and Crown Membership reduces your overall dental cost which reduces the amount needed to finance.

Overall, Crown Dental Plan has proven to be the most cost-effective alternative to traditional dental health insurance. Even our annual membership fee is typically recovered after only one office visit.

Enroll today and experience how your business, family, or association, can save on dental costs, and gain greater benefits with Membership in the Crown Dental Plan, “The Affordable Dental Plan.”