Membership Benefits
Membership Costs

  • Up to 60% discount on General dental procedures.
  • No deductibles or co-payments.
  • No limit on dental office visits or benefits.
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing condition exclusions.
  • Broad choice of quality dentists and specialists.
  • Specialist rates reduced by 20%.
  • Dentists who perform Specialists procedures provide 20% off their Usual Customary Rate. Specialists procedures are listed below.

  • Annual Memberships are often one-third of the cost of traditional dental insurance.
  • Member pays procedural fee to provider on the same day of service or you may qualify for (Care Credit ®) with low monthly payments.
  • Usual Customary Rate is the average cost patient would expect to pay for procedure without membership to Crown Dental Plan.
  • Crown Dental Plan is the affordable dental plan.
  • Dental procedures not listed on our fee schedule are discounted by 20% of the dentists Usual Customary Rate.

· Endodontic (extensive root canals) · Orthodontics (braces) · Prosthodontics (bridges and dentures) · Oral Surgery (TMJ, major extractions) · Periodontics (gum treatment)